Deep Analysis Reviews Pureinsights

Deep Analysis Reviews Pureinsights

Independent Analyst Firm Applauds Hybrid Technology and Services Business Model

Before we launched the Pureinsights Discovery Platform™ (PDP) earlier this year, we knew that it would eventually attract some inquiries from industry analysts. It happened much sooner than we anticipated.

Information on PDP has been on our website for almost a year, albeit a little in “stealth” mode, even as the first deployments were happening with customers. This caught the attention of Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder of analyst firm Deep Analysis, who reached out to us for a briefing in early June.

The lengthy briefing with Alan included me and our CTO, Phil Lewis, and the net result was a Vendor Vignette on Pureinsights, which you can read about in our Press Release. The available for free on our website, as well as to Deep Analysis subscribers.

While I will let the report speak for itself, I wanted to add some color and some personal takeaways from our discussion with Alan.

  • First, it was nice to see that Alan knew our technology space well, having spent time covering its evolution during his stints at Ovum and 451 Research. He remembers speaking with our CTO, Phil Lewis, during Phil’s time with Excalibur Technologies. Alan also grasped the modern architecture of PDP quickly, including how it seamlessly incorporates knowledge graphs and cloud AI capabilities like Google BERT and Hugging Face.
  • Secondly, Alan could relate to what we meant by “just make it work like Google.” Meaning that search application users today expect a question answering UI to complement traditional relevant keyword search results.
  • Finally, Alan appreciated our hybrid business model, placing emphasis on search and AI technology as well as services. It is hard enough to find talent to develop much less operate complex search applications these days. So our SearchOps managed services model made total sense as a business offering. Alan correctly deduced it as analogous to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

I think you’ll really enjoy reading more details in the Press Release and the free analyst report on Pureinsights and the Pureinsights Discovery Platform™.   We are excited with this early exposure. And we expect greater things ahead for PDP and, more importantly, for our customers.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll have a chat!

 – Kamran


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