Pureinsights Discovery Platform™ v1.0 Released

Pureinsights Discovery Platform™ v1.0 Released

Platform Integrates Search Engine, Knowledge Graph and AI Technologies for Smarter Search Applications

Pureinsights Technology Corporation (“Pureinsights™”), the leading independent search technology and services company, today announced the inaugural launch and general availability of the Pureinsights Discovery Platform™ (PDP).

The search application platform integrates best-in-class commercial and open-source search engine, Knowledge Graph, and AI technologies like Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to deliver Google-like search experiences with:

  • Natural language queries
  • Instant answers to factual questions
  • Content rich information panels
  • Featured snippets

“Our years of experience in building search applications for customers has always given us insight into the technology gaps in search application technology. The new Pureinsights Discovery Platform bridges that gap to deliver the Google-like search experience users demand today.”

"Our business depends on our search capability and Pureinsights provides unique search expertise and technology that allows us to focus on our business."

Version 1.0 of the Pureinsights Discovery Platform is cloud-native, flexible, and designed to scale. Furthermore, the platform can be offered as part of Pureinsights SearchOps Managed Services which combines to lower the long-term cost association with developing and maintaining search applications.

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