Pureinsights Discovery Platform Version 1.7 Released

Pureinsights Discovery Platform Version 1.7 Released

An overview of exciting updates since Version 1.0 was released last year.

Last year, Pureinsights announced the release of the Pureinsights Discovery Platform™ (PDP) version 1.0. PDP is Technology Platform that our consultants use when developing search applications for our customers.  PDP provides many complementary capabilities to open-source search engines including:

  • An ingestion framework with connectors to retrieve different types of content (structured or unstructured) from different sources.
  • Content processing capabilities that enrich content metadata to improve content findability and search results.
  • A staging repository that serves as an intermediate storage and supports rapid processing and indexing.
  • Hydrators that publish content to leading open-source search engines and knowledge graphs.
  • A Discovery API that facilitates the integration of search with libraries and services that offer powerful AI and NLP capabilities.
  • A Search UI that provides an interface that can be customized to individual customer needs.

There have been several new releases of PDP since version 1.0, and if you are a PDP customer, you receive detailed information regarding each release in our Release Notes and announcements.  But we thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the key features in PDP that have been added since the inaugural release, from Versions 1.1 to 1.7.

PDP Version 1.1

Highlights of the version include enhanced support for Elasticsearch and OpenSearch search engines.

  • Elasticsearch Connector
  • OpenSearch Hydrator
  • Discovery API supports OpenSearch 

PDP Version 1.2

Security improvements by adding basic authentication to several specific PDP components.

  • Basic authentication enabled on several components

PDP Version 1.3

Support publishing data to MongoDB Atlas (MongoDB’s cloud-based solution), and support for Amazon DocumentDB for the staging repository.

  • MongoDB Atlas Hydrator
  • Staging repository supports Amazon DocumentDB

PDP Version 1.4

Support for searching and retrieving data from MongoDB Atlas. Search results can also now be ranked based on feedback from users.

  • Discovery API supports MongoDB Atlas
  • MongoDB Atlas Connector
  • User feedback capability

PDP Version 1.5

An exciting new feature! The Search Relevancy Scoring Dashboard is an engine scoring component that objectively measures your search engine’s quality or score, enabling search engineers to iterate, tune relevancy and improve performance. We have also added vector search capability using MongoDB Atlas.

  • Search Relevancy Dashboard
  • Vector Search with MongoDB Atlas

PDP Version 1.6

PDP now integrates with the HuggingFace Service, which allows you to choose from 500 sentence transformers and almost 4000 question-answering models to plug into your search platform.

  • Hugging Face service

PDP Version 1.7

We updated our Binary Data Service so Amazon S3 can be used for binary storage.

  • Binary data service now supports Amazon S3

Want more details?

To view an online summary of the versions and their Release Notes, you can check out:

In Summary

We’re excited to continue PDP’s development to make it the perfect platform that helps you integrate popular on-premise and cloud-based data sources, search engines, and AI models to help you build the optimal Google-like user experience your users want and deserve.

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– Sofi

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