Demo Request

Request a FREE Generative AI Demo on YOUR website content

Demo Request

Apply for our AI-powered Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Demo on YOUR website content.

Fill out the form below and tell us about your interest in AI-powered applications – whether it be for customer support, enterprise search, website search, or even novel applications like using sounds to diagnose car problems. A representative from Pureinsights will contact you for more information, and if you qualify, we’ll crawl your website and, for a limited time, we’ll provide you with your own demo where you can submit queries and see answers using Generative AI, Vector Search, and traditional Keyword Search.

What Happens Next?

Qualifying Discussion

After you submit your contact information, a Pureinsights representative will contact you to set up an in-person discussion online.

We want to understand your business requirements to set up your private Retrieval Augmented Generation demo, and understand your use case for deploying AI.

Demo Staging

In a matter of a few hours, we will crawl your public website and provide you with the credentials to access your demo for a limited time.

The demo will use third-party Large Language Models (LLMs) but the answers will be strictly about YOUR content.

Try Your Demo

Your demo will allow you to submit queries and get answers on your content alongside vector search and traditional keyword search results.  

You can also experiment with different LLMs, answer styles, answer lengths, and languages. Watch the demo video to see what your demo might look like.