Managed Services for Search Applications

SearchOps™ Managed Services means we run your search application so you can run your business.

Why consider a Managed Service or “Search as a Service” for your Search Application?

Effectively managing search applications is essential in today’s data-driven organizations. You have multiple experts on that data and how it is used within your team. 

But surfacing it effectively through enterprise search requires specific training, knowledge and experience that most organizations do not possess and cannot easily find.  How do you make sure your engineering staff can focus on overall strategy and business critical tasks and spend less time on the health and performance of your search stack?

Perhaps it’s time to consider Pureinsights SearchOps™ Managed Services for Search Applications.


As content grows and users’ needs evolve, the effectiveness and performance of search applications often deteriorates over time.  Most organizations keep search up to date by responding to user feedback rather than actively monitoring search engine performance to anticipate problems and address them before they reach those users.  We often talk to clients who have annual discussions about how to improve search that ultimately yield big plans with big price tags that get tabled due to other priorities.

Pureinsights has found that through active, day to day engagement with search performance, the application can improve continuously, keeping user satisfaction high and eliminating the need for these annual hand wringing sessions about what is wrong and how to fix it.  If you have mission-critical search needs, Pureinsights Managed Services for Search Applications can take away the daily pressure on your staff, giving them more time for strategic planning and innovation.

Some of the benefits of this approach can include:

Scope of the Service and Staffing

Pureinsights’ Global Managed Services team can provide customizable support to ensure the reliability of your critical search applications.

The support will be staffed with a team trained on your specific search application architecture and configuration.  As such, they will have knowledge on how to triage and resolve complex issues.  In addition, the Global Managed Services team will have business-day access, and additional access as needed, to the PureInsights Professional Services team responsible for developing your enterprise search application platform.

Need more information or wondering how to get started?

Contact us to learn more about Pureinsights SearchOps™ Managed Services for Search Applications or explore if this is the right operational model for your search application needs.

You can get started with us with a Search Application Assessment, where we can examine the current state of your applications and help you develop a roadmap for improving them.  During the Assessment, you can explore whether or not Pureinsights Managed Services are suitable for your situation.