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Discovery is a cutting-edge technology platform utilized to craft exceptional search experiences for our clients. It consists of modular components, akin to building blocks, customizable for specific needs. These components include ingestion and processing, a search engine, knowledge graph, AI services, an API and search UI. Collectively they enhance search capabilities and empower advanced features such as vector search and generative answers, providing people with the search experience they now expect.

At the core of Discovery lies a robust, modern cloud-based architecture, boasting scalability, reliability, and flexibility. This architecture seamlessly integrates with existing systems and harnesses best-in-class AI services, enabling organizations to fully leverage AI-powered search while optimizing resource utilization and operational efficiency.

With Discovery’s comprehensive content processing capabilities, organizations efficiently ingest, clean, normalize, and enrich vast data volumes from diverse sources. This ensures access to rich, well-structured data, the foundation of robust search.

Unique to Discovery is a multifaceted search offering catering to diverse user needs and preferences. Integrating advanced Generative AI and Vector Search technologies with traditional keyword search and knowledge graph functionalities, our platform provides an unprecedented search experience.

Discovery leverages Generative AI to enable features such as automatic summaries, language translation and creative text generation. Additionally, Vector Search unlocks hidden connections and insights, uncovering valuable information previously out of reach. Alongside these advanced features, Discovery retains support for traditional keyword search, offering users familiar tools for seamless data navigation and exploration.

In addition, Discovery employs Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), an advanced search technique that merges traditional information retrieval with Generative models to enhance search capabilities. By harnessing RAG, Discovery can address user queries by blending authenticated content with dynamically generated responses, thereby minimizing the risk of presenting inaccurate or misleading search results.

Overall, Discovery’s powerful fusion of search capabilities leads to a more intuitive and insightful search experience.

Discovery also includes a powerful API that developers can utilize to create fully personalized search solutions. With sophisticated query parsing, powered by AI services, the search experience is enhanced by understanding queries at a deeper level and deciphering user intent. Furthermore, Discovery’s intuitive user interface and advanced filtering options enable effortless navigation of complex data.

Discovery isn’t just search, it’s knowledge exploration reimagined. It empowers you to extract deeper insights, make informed decisions and fuel action like never before.

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A platform for building an advanced search experience:

Pureinsights Discovery Overview

Discovery ingestion orchestrates the gathering and importing of data from various data sources. Connectors to common data repositories are available as standard, enabling scalable and efficient ingestion of raw data, documents and metadata while upholding access controls. Moreover, these connectors monitor data sources in real-time, processing additions, updates, and deletions as they happen. Bespoke connectors can be built using our developer-friendly connector framework.

A Staging Repository serves as a transitional storage hub for content extracted from its source. This improves application performance by allowing for content reprocessing without having to reach back to the original content repository for every processing iteration. Built on a NoSQL database, the Staging Repository is equipped with a comprehensive REST API and REST client, facilitating seamless management, storage, access, and processing of the stored content.

Discovery’s content processing pipelines streamline various tasks to optimize search. Processors within the pipeline clean, normalize, and enrich data, while specialized components handle tasks like generating embeddings (using a Large Language Model) for vector search and content tagging. By ensuring efficient processing and indexing, these pipelines empower powerful search functionalities and a seamless user experience.

Processed, cleansed, and enhanced data is published to an enterprise search engine and/or knowledge graph. We call this hydration. Discovery is independent of search and knowledge graph technology, and we have built hydrators to industry leading products using our toolkit. The enriched data enables advanced search features such as vector search, extractive answers and generative answers.

Discovery features a powerful API that developers can use to create a fully personalized search experience. Utilizing advanced query parsing, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and other AI services, the API effectively discerns user intent. Security measures are integrated within the API to guarantee that users can only access authorized results, a vital aspect within enterprise environments. 

The Discovery API is built to facilitate the integration of application User Interfaces (UIs) with underlying search engines, knowledge graphs, or similar repositories. If you do not have a custom UI, Discovery offers a comprehensive React-based search UI that customers can effortlessly deploy to explore search functionalities with minimal development overhead.

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