Search Relevance Dashboard

You Can’t Improve What You Can’t Measure

The Search Relevance Dashboard is a fully supported cloud application for analyzing and tuning website search relevance results. It is available separately by subscription, or as part of the Enterprise version of the Pureinsights Discovery platform.

Search Relevance Dashboard
Search Relevance Scoring Dashboard

The performance of a search engine is determined by the relevance of its results. Good relevance, accurately matching search results to what the user is looking for, is important in every use case and has tangible benefits from reducing costs in customer service to increasing revenues in ecommerce. So most people would agree that time invested in improving search relevance is time well spent but there’s a conundrum, how do you know if your search engine is performing well? And if you tune it, how do you know if your adjustments are having a positive impact?

In practice, most methodologies for evaluating search accuracy are subjective – influenced by personal feelings, tastes or opinions – and implemented ad-hoc. It is now recognized that quality search relevance can only be achieved via a continuous improvement process that incorporates an objective and scientifically valid method of determining search accuracy metrics. Those metrics can then be used with confidence to improve search relevance in a controlled and measurable way. The Search Relevance Dashboard provides the diagnostic capabilities required to support this process. Essentially it is a diagnostic application used to objectively measure the quality or ‘score’ of a search engine at any given time and assist search engineers with relevance tuning. Allowing them to continuously improve search performance.

The Benefits of Good Search Relevance


Improve the buyers search experience, increase conversions, optimize revenue and encourage customer loyalty.

Customer Service & Support

Connect customers to relevant answers, increase the number of case deflections, make cost savings.

Workplace search

Connect people with the information they need, save time and increase productivity.

Website search

Help visitors find what they want, so they engage, leave satisfied and most importantly, return.

How well is your search performing? Do you know the answer?

Key Features:

Works with any search engine

Search engine independent, works with both commercial and open source engines.

Accurate objective engine scores

Objectively measure the relevance of search results using a performance ‘score’ at any given time.

Cloud native application

Exploits the ease, flexibility and resilience of cloud computing.

Aggregated and fully granular metrics

Show performance for the system as a whole or any other important metric such as category, region or product.

Deep Search analytics

Discover patterns, behaviour and relationships that will inform relevance tuning decisions.

Predictive scoring for new search engine configurations

Compare versions, configurations and even different search engines before moving to production.

Fully automated near real-time analytics

Extract insights from search related data in near real-time so timely tuning adjustments can be made.

Search Relevance Tuning

The Search Relevance Dashboard can be used to support your own in-house search engine tuning efforts. Alternatively, you could choose to outsource the tuning of your search application to Pureinsights. Our enterprise search consultants have the tools, knowledge and expertise to help you better search accuracy, implement a process for continual improvement and achieve search excellence.

Iterative Search Relevancy Scoring and Tuning

“Our engagement with Pureinsights was a really positive experience. It began with the recognition that we needed to bring new search expertise into the business, to improve the accuracy and performance of the platform our clients use to find our published content.”

How can you optimize search relevance on your website using the Pureinsights Search Relevance Dashboard? CONTACT US to schedule a demo and personalized 1:1 consultation to discuss your requirements.

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