Pureinsights Discovery Platform Integrates OpenAI

Pureinsights Discovery Platform Integrates OpenAI


Herndon, VA – October 18, 2023. Pureinsights Technology Corporation (“Pureinsights™”) today announced the integration of OpenAI in Version 1.11 of the Pureinsights Discovery  platform. This integration provides access to OpenAI’s powerful GPT Large Language Models (LLMs) and other advanced natural language processing capabilities.

“We’re excited to announce the initial integration of PDP with OpenAI in this release” stated Pureinsights CTO, Phil Lewis. “Integrating PDP with popular AI models will help us build the next generation of AI-powered applications for our customers.”

By integrating with OpenAI, PDP incorporates robust embedding capabilities for vector search, enhancing data retrieval efficiency and accuracy. Furthermore, the platform can now harness GPT’s capabilities for chat completions.

The integration is currently in its alpha stage, and Pureinsights will continue to explore the transformative possibilities of GPT and other models in the future.  The release also includes other minor improvements.

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