Solr Consulting and Implementation Services

Expert Strategy Planning, Implementation, and Support for Solr Search Applications

Pureinsights provides a wide range of Apache Solr Consulting and Implementation Services.

Based on Lucene, Apache Solr (“Solr”) was the first widely deployed open-source search engine, and it was and remains an extremely popular alternative to commercial solutions. Solr is highly reliable, scalable and fault tolerant, and powers the search and navigation experience for many of the world’s largest internet sites.

We have worked with numerous organizations across the globe to provide expert consulting and implementation for Solr. Whether you are using Solr for an e-commerce site, support portal, or corporate intranet our Solr experts bring end-to-end services that help you to cost-effectively achieve your business goals and maximize ROI.  

Pureinsights is your one-stop-shop from initial project assessments to full Solr production support for your search applications.

We have helped hundreds of customers address their search application needs in the following industry use cases:

  • E-commerce Search
  • Information and Data Publishing and Content Portals
  • Software-as-a-Service Providers (embedded search applications)
  • Customer Service and Support Portals
  • Enterprise Search (intranets, research portals, Customer 360)
  • Government Information Portals (public)

Solr Consulting Expertise

Learn more about our Search Application Assessment service, or contact us for a free 1:1 consultation on your Apache Solr implementation or migration project.

End-to-End Services for Solr Search Applications:

Our first engagement with customers is usually a search application assessment, where we lay out the architecture and roadmap to your idealized search experience for users and customers.
Subsequent end-to-end consulting and implementation services for Solr include: