Search relevance is, simply put, delivering the results that users expect from a search bar. Our expertise in search relevancy tuning and search engine scoring helps you develop a repeatable process to continually improve search engine results and relevancy. This proven methodology has helped some of the world’s top financial institutions, e-commerce retailers and government portals significantly improve the relevancy of the search results delivered to their users.

How good is your search? How do you know when you have improved it?

This is the question that most search experts ask themselves, especially in response to complaints from users about search results. Search relevance and engine scoring is an exercise in quantifying and qualifying the answer to that question. And the practical purpose is to be able to measure the improvement in search of any tweaks and changes to your search platform.

When your search engine needs to be tuned rather than replaced, our enterprise search consultants are ready with the expertise and training to help you improve search relevance results and implement a scoring methodology to continually improve search results. This exercise has long lasting impact, including when you consider eventually overhauling your search engine architecture to incorporate the latest in AI and search technologies.

The diagram below is a simplified explanation of the methodology we take with our clients to help them improve search relevance and implement search engine scoring.
Methodology for search engine scoring and relevancy improvement
The search engine score methodology is designed to help you:

  • Get a baseline for the quality and relevance of current search application results.
  • Develop and learn steps to improve search relevance and search engine performance.
  • Normalize and measure the performance of your search engine.
  • Apply this methodology to continually improve the relevance results for your search application.

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