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Modernize Your Search with AI

Pureinsights’ search application consulting team have deep expertise in Enterprise Search and in building scalable and cost-effective search applications.

We work with virtually every available commercial and open-source search platform, and our complementary technology – the Pureinsights Discovery platform – integrates content processing, Vector Search, Vector Databases, Generative AI, and Knowledge Graph capabilities. We can even run your search bar for you with full managed services (SearchOps) so you can focus on your business.

We can help anyone improve or build better, smarter search applications. But search is more than software. In our experience, selecting reliable technologies for search is really just a starting point.

Evolving to AI-Powered Search

Most organizations struggle to implement search not because of the technology choice, but because the implementation can be very complex. This has never been more true with the added complexities of Vector Search, Generative AI, and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

By their nature, search applications need to look under every rock to find the right content and index it. This means integrating with hundreds of 3rd Party software platforms, websites, file systems and databases, many of which have complex security models and APIs. Once the content is accessed, we need to crack open the documents and consider how to process and index them so they are optimized for searching.

Successfully implementing search also requires a careful examination of users and use cases. Are they scientific researchers who depend on special terminology, or consumers who need a simple response quickly? The design of any solution depends on this understanding.

Our general experience in enterprise search and search-centric applications is further focused in the following competencies:

Search Application Assessment

(a ‘getting started’ engagement)

Search Relevance Tuning

(and Search Engine Scoring)

Sinequa Intelligent Search
Lucidworks Fusion

Pureinsights Search Application Consulting can help you maximize the value from open-source search technologies, or virtually all of the search vendors included in the latest Gartner ratings on insight engines or in the research from Forrester on Cognitive Search. In addition to consulting services with all of these platforms, they are supported as part of our managed services (SearchOps) for search applications.

Our expertise is complemented by our own technology, the Pureinsights Discovery platform, which can integrate Generative AI models like ChatGPT and Google Gemini together with Vector Search, Knowledge Graphs, and Natural Language Processing to modernize your organization’s search capabilities and deliver the intuitive search experience users want.

Whether you need consulting help on enterprise search, website search, or for your search application or platform, we can help. CONTACT US today to discuss an initial Search Assessment engagement, or to discuss your other search application needs.

Pureinsights has the experience to help in the following areas: