Pureinsights Illuminates Dark Data Search for District 4 Labs

Pureinsights Illuminates Dark Data Search for District 4 Labs


Pureinsights Illuminates Search for DARKSIDE, One of World’s Largest Repositories of Compromised Data

HERNDON, VIRGINIA, USA, December 12, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pureinsights Technology Corporation (Pureinsights™) today announced the successful completion of a project to significantly enhance search performance on District 4 Labs’ DARKSIDE, one of the world’s largest repositories of compromised data.

D4 Leads the Open-Source Intelligence Revolution

District 4 Labs (D4) is a pioneer in open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools and technologies. Their innovative DARKSIDE platform provides a highly searchable database of compromised records and other person-of-interest data. Security analysts and cyber consultants rely on DARKSIDE to conduct impactful investigations, mitigate risk, prevent fraud, and uncover critical intelligence.

Pureinsights Delivers Dramatic Performance Enhancements

Recognizing the growing demand for DARKSIDE, D4 partnered with Pureinsights to optimize its search functionality. Through iterative design and rigorous testing, Pureinsights implemented a new application architecture that yielded remarkable improvements:

Pureinsights District 4 Labs Press Release
  • Virtually eliminated query errors: Ensuring smooth and reliable search experiences.
  • Increased average query response times by 15x and max response time by 5.6x: Enabling faster and more efficient investigations.
  • Scalable and cost-effective design: Empowering D4 to meet future needs and reduce operational costs.

“DARKSIDE is a critical resource for security professionals worldwide. Pureinsights’ expertise was instrumental in enhancing its search performance, allowing us to better serve our clients and ultimately contribute to a safer digital landscape.”

Pureinsights Committed to Data Security and Open Source

“We are thrilled to partner with District 4 Labs and contribute to the vital work they do,” commented Kamran Khan, CEO of Pureinsights. “Optimizing search performance for such a critical data-security SaaS solution not only benefits our customer but also enhances public safety.”

Experience the Power of Pureinsights:

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