Search Relevance Dashboard Demo

Search Relevance Dashboard Demo

How Good is Your Search? Our Dashboard Gives You The Answer.

"You can't improve what you don't measure."

That’s a well-known quote arguably attributed to Peter Drucker, whom some consider the founder of modern-day management. Whether or not he actually said it, it’s invariably a true maxim.

But many search application owners simply don’t know the answer to the question, “how good is our search?”  You may try to answer this simply by asking your users, but those complete subjective opinions that often not concise enough to be actionable.  Another approach is to do automated measurements using “golden queries” and “engine scoring” methodologies, but these results can still be partially subjective and far from complete.

Pureinsights’ Search Relevance Dashboard, is a new tool we’ve introduced in the Pureinsights Discovery Platform™ that looks at all of the query and results data in your server logs to provide a complete objective, consistent analysis of how good your search results are from a user perspective. The Dashboard is targeted at open source search engine users looking for a great add-on analytics dashboard.  However, it can also be integrated with third party analytics platforms, most of which lack the sophistication and insight offered by our dashboard.

I invite you to watch this demo of our new Dashboard, and the methodology behind it.

Measuring and analyzing search relevance has many benefits, including:

  • Predicting whether or not changes to your search platform will improve results for your users before you implement them
  • Understanding the impact of search query performance on ecommerce revenues – by product, geography, or user demographics
If you would like more information about the Dashboard and its applications, or to schedule a personalized demo or consultation, please CONTACT US.

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