Pureinsights Stands With Ukraine

Pureinsights Stands With Ukraine

Our Statement of Support for Ukraine and Its Citizens

I and all the employees at Pureinsights have felt great outrage and sadness for the evolving humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. We stand with the citizens of Ukraine as they seek to end the senseless invasion of their homeland by Russian forces.

While Pureinsights does not currently have operations in either Russia or Ukraine, we do have employees with family in Europe, including countries in the region like Georgia, highly affected by the current events. We share their concerns about escalation and risk of extensive nuclear contamination which would have disastrous effect of catastrophic proportions on the whole region and beyond.

No matter what military forces do to try to contain collateral damage, there are always unintended consequences and civilian populations – including the elderly and young children – are always made to suffer. 

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

It has been heartbreaking to watch the citizens of Ukraine forced to flee their own homes, separate from their families, and take up arms to defend their cities and villages. Our thoughts are with everyone impacted regardless of background or nationality, hoping for a fast and peaceful resolution.

We are encouraged by the global outpouring of support for Ukraine and are encouraging our employees to donate to charities that can alleviate the suffering of Ukrainian citizens. We hope you consider doing the same.

– Kamran

Donate to Ukraine Support and Relief Efforts

Help Ukraine through a traditional channel like the Red Cross or through some channels recommended to us by a colleague at the IMF.

DEC Ukraine Appeal | British Red Cross

UKRAINE CRISIS | International Committee of the Red Cross (icrc.org)

Donate – Razom (razomforukraine.org)

Sunflower of Peace | Facebook


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