Berlin Buzzwords 2023 Highlights

Berlin Buzzwords 2023 Highlights

Key takeaways from one of Europe’s leading conferences for storing, processing, streaming and searching large amounts of digital data, with a focus on open source software projects.

Last week I attended Berlin Buzzwords 2023 at the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin, Germany, and wanted to shared some highlights from the event. Billed as one of Europe’s leading conferences for modern data infrastructure, search and machine learning it certainly lived up to expectations. It was a busy vibrant event with some super interesting presentations, many relating to open-source search.

Berlin Buzzwords 2023 highlights

I was a speaker at the event and gave a talk on how Pureinsights developed a proof-of-concept for the European Union Publications Office to show how dense vector functionality could be used to enhance traditional search and provide visitors to their portal with a ‘Google-like’ search experience. I explained how a combination of Elasticsearch, Google BERT transformer models, and the Pureinsights Discovery platform were utilised during the project and discussed the results obtained. I also showed a live demonstration of the concept we built using PDP showing the power of semantic understanding across documents and search queries. You can view a recording of my presentation below or here on YouTube.

Presentation titles ranged from ‘Vectorise your open-source search engine’ to ‘ChatGPT is lying, how can we fix it?  I found the ‘Learning to hybrid search’ presentation particularly interesting as it showed how combining multiple old and new search approaches in a single hybrid system can deliver an even better result than each of them separately.

It was good to catch-up with some old friends at Buzzwords and it’s a great place to be if you want to discover the latest trends in the world of open-source search and learn how others are getting the best from search engines like OpenSearch, Elasticsearch and Solr. The event has a real sense of community and I already have the dates for next year’s conference (9-11 June 2024) in my diary! Congratulations to all the presenters and organisers for delivering such an engaging event.

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