Instantly.ai Fuels Prospecting Precision with AI-Powered Search

Instantly.ai Fuels Prospecting Precision with AI-Powered Search


Instantly.ai Fuels Prospecting Precision with AI-Powered Search Thanks to Pureinsights

Herndon, VA – January 9, 2024 – Instantly.ai, the rapidly growing AI-powered email marketing platform, has dramatically boosted its search capabilities with the help of Pureinsights and MongoDB. This collaboration unlocks a new level of precision for Instantly.ai users, enabling them to identify and engage with ideal prospects with unparalleled accuracy.

Instantly.ai boasts over 160 million contacts stored in MongoDB Atlas, queried through MongoDB MongoDB Atlas Search, which enables Instantly.ai to keep the database and search in sync with fully integrated search functionality in a unified API. Users leverage this data in AI-powered workflows to identify their perfect leads, but the vastness of the database and the presence of unstructured data like text occasionally presented challenges in pinpointing specific targets. Recognizing this, Instantly.ai partnered with Pureinsights to unlock all the hidden potential of their data within MongoDB Atlas.

Pureinsights’ expertise with MongoDB Atlas Search proved instrumental. They extracted valuable keyword information like job roles and company details from online profiles, enriching the contact database with precise metadata. This transformed Instantly.ai’s search experience, allowing users to effortlessly find specific segments like “Marketing VPs in the Financial industry” with just a few quick clicks.

"Optimizing search was critical for our platform's success, and Pureinsights exceeded our expectations. Their mastery of MongoDB Atlas Search was key to achieving our goals, and the results are simply phenomenal."

“Instantly.ai is a shining example of how MongoDB Atlas empowers applications with next-generation search capabilities,” stated Kamran Khan, CEO of Pureinsights. “We’re thrilled to have played a part in enhancing their platform and empowering their users with a search experience that’s nothing short of revolutionary.”

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