Elasticsearch to OpenSearch Migration Services

Expert Support to Migrate from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch

As OpenSearch becomes more stable and viable as a pure open-source alternative to Elasticsearch, enterprises may seek an experienced partner that offers Elasticsearch to Opensearch migration services.

OpenSearch is a community-driven, open source search and analytics suite derived from Apache 2.0 licensed Elasticsearch 7.10.2 & Kibana 7.10.2, both popular and established predecessors.  With support from the likes of Amazon, SAP and Capital One, and under the Apache 2.0 license model, OpenSearch is emerging as a viable alternative to Elasticsearch and Kibana. 

Questions to Consider in Elasticsearch to OpenSearch Migration

Any company currently using Elasticsearch and investigating Elasticsearch to OpenSearch migration is faced with the following questions:

Do I have to migrate? 

Based on how Elasticsearch / Kibana is deployed in my applications, and given the new Elastic license model.

What are the risks of migrating? 

Based on both technical and business criteria.

What does a migration plan look like?

Based on the urgency to mitigate financial and operational risk.

Pureinsights has over 15 years of search engine migration experience to help you in your evaluation. In any truly fair and unbiased evaluation, companies should be open to the conclusion that the best path forward may be to migrate, or NOT to migrate.

Equally important in the evaluation is that the longer an organization waits to do a migration, the more costly and risky the migration may be due to the further divergence of the Elasticsearch and OpenSearch code bases and features.

Pureinsights Search Engine Platform Migration Experience

As such, we are extremely qualified to be your trusted partner as you evaluate and plan for Elasticsearch to OpenSearch migration. You may also find the resources below from Pureinsights useful in planning your Elasticsearch to OpenSearch Migration:

We look forward to helping you evaluate and develop a plan for your Elasticsearch to OpenSearch migration.  The risks involved in migration grow the longer you wait. 

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Trusted Advice and Support for Elasticsearch to OpenSearch Migration:

Our first engagement with customers is usually a Search Application Assessment, where analyze your current application architecture and help you answer key questions about if and when you should migrate from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch, and the possible risks involved.
Subsequent services may include: