KMWorld 2023 Keynote: Generative AI and the Impact on Search

KMWorld 2023 Keynote: Generative AI and the Impact on Search

AI is disrupting Search.  Embrace it.

I have had the privilege of presenting a keynote at KMWorld for over a decade.  And there have always been exciting thing to talk about – from a developing market with dozens of vendors, to the emergence of open source, to the impact of the cloud.  But I have never seen anything that has disrupted, invigorated, and confused the market more than what AI is doing.

So this year, I tried to use my time on the keynote stage at KMWorld 2023 to provide some pragmatic perspective, as Pureinsights has always tried to do.  I think you will find the 10-minute video worth your while, including a demo of some of the AI-powered search applications we’ve built.

KMWorld 2023 Keynote Takeaways

So, will AI replace traditional search as we know it?

If there is a key takeaway from my keynote – reflected in the many panels and presentations at KMWorld, I think the answer is NO.  AI will not replace traditional search, at least not yet.  But a practical approach to implementing AI and search would include the following:

  • Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) can enhance search tremendously
  • Don’t chuck your old system. Take a hybrid approach.
  • Walk before you run.
    • Optimize your existing traditional search system
    • Use vector search and “open” LLMs like BERT to explore injecting AI into search
    • Use Gen AI / LLMs to interrogate and answer YOUR content only, using an architecture called Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG); and yes, that’s a horrible acronym.

This is how you can embrace the disruption AI is causing in search, and deliver a phenomenal new experience for your users.  But pragmatically, and cost-effectively.

I hope you enjoy my keynote, and if you have any questions, please CONTACT US at Pureinsights and let’s talk about how we can help you on your journey to AI-Powered search.  You might also want to check out the resources below, including our new E-Book.



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