Google SGE – Resetting the Bar for Search?

Google SGE – Resetting the Bar for Search?

What does it mean to make search “Work like Google” in 2024?

Bing had first-mover advantage in AI-powered internet search with the integration of OpenAI into Bing, but Google SGE (Search Generative Experience) is the latest response from the incumbent leader in internet search. 

In this short video blog we share our first impressions and what this might mean for search on your website or application.  You’ll also find some useful resources below the video that tell you more about Google SGE and what AI-powered search means in 2024.

Google’s Search Generative Experience is the company’s foray into generative AI and internet search. It is an experimental feature that uses generative AI to enhance your search results. It aims to help you quickly grasp complex topics and find relevant information within existing web pages. Currently in testing, SGE offers summaries, key points, and related questions directly on the search results page, alongside traditional links. It focuses on factual topics and avoids sensitive categories like finance or health to ensure information quality. While still limited (English-only, US-based), SGE suggests a future where AI helps you navigate information more efficiently.

While we find it exciting to see a new search experience that integrates AI, we still think there are some challenges that will also affect how you implement search for your website or application.  These include the difficulty in determining user intent (especially for short queries), the slow response times (by Internet search standards), and the challenge of where and when to use generative AI versus the still very useful keyword search results.

Note: in the video mention Google Bard, their answer to ChatGPT.  Immediately after we posted the video, Google announced that Bard is now Gemini, Google’s most powerful current Gen AI tool.  The arms race continues!

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